Recently we visited our neurologist with Rocky’s EEG result. Doctor mentioned of a possible onset of Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. Initially I was not really affected by that news as I didn’t realize how bad is that. However Shivi was in a bad shape…(I mean crying).She kind of forced me to do the internet research immediately …and I was scared…it’s so hard accept when your owns are slapped with a disease that is declared a non curable…luckily most of the syndromes doesn’t match with Rocky. We called up the doctor next day, asking if we should do another round of EEG, she mentioned that’s not required at least for now as she doesn’t have any plan to change Rocky’s medication.My heart still says Lennox Gastaut Syndrome is not what Rocky has…Shivi agrees with me 100%.

–Rocky’s Dad

National Institute Of Neurological Disorder and Stroke


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